The Ghenza are the deadliest assassins in the universe, and Markus Frost is intent on stealing from them.

Frost and his crew know the risks. To run the Nethra is to run with death, after all. However, the greatest danger to the crew comes not from what lies within the Star Spire, but that which lays hidden within their own ship.

The Chronicles of Nethra fuses elements of the space opera, cyberpunk, and dark fantasy genres in an epic saga that will keep you turning the pages.

"Can't tell you how much I enjoyed [the book]! Super fun read. Fast paced with some intriguing characters and plot twists. I'm really digging the universe you've created - almost like a cross between Halo, Destiny, Skyrim and a bunch of others mixed together. Frankly, the whole book is so well written. It's really compelling."

- J. Alquist on Chronicles of Nethra: Star Spire



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