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Publishing some of the best science fiction and fantasy stories in this universe, or any other.


Mythic North Press is pushing boundaries by supporting independent authors in their quest to get new and fresh speculative fiction to their audiences. Whether it's slaying dragons, hunting ghosts, or soaring through the stars, Mythic North has you covered. Click below to see our current offerings. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to catch the most up to date information on our newest offerings.

Coming Soon: The Dark Council's Blade, Volumes 1 &  2

Join Lucius Avitus, as he hunts down demons, vampires, and other monsters to save humanity from the forces of darkness.


Lucius is the ultimate hunter—a vampire executioner who has never failed to track down a target. But when a vampire begins terrorizing the streets of Chicago, drawing unwanted attention to their kind, Lucius finds himself hunting for a more elusive quarry than ever before. As he delves deeper into the mystery, he realizes it’s not just a case of a vampire gone rogue but a sinister plot that could spell disaster for humanity.


There’s blood on the streets of Chicago. Can Lucius stem the tide, or will he, too, fall victim to the darkness? Follow him into the shadows as he faces demons, vampires, and other monstrosities in his quest to save the world from the jaws of Hell itself.

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Chronicles of Nethra: Cognis Saga
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