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Themed collections of stories from multiple authors.

Mythic Winter

In the heart of Winter evil lurks and legends rise.

In the dark and cold, we cling to the hope for spring. Yet, darkness cannot be defeated without the light. When the chill of winter's shadow is upon us, we look to dreams of glory and triumph to warm our souls.

Mythic Winter collects these hopes and dreams (and, perhaps, even a few nightmares), put onto the page by some of the newest voices in science fiction and fantasy literature. Walk with us down the icy paths, the frozen forests, and across distant galaxies to discover new stories and new worlds to enrapture and enthrall you in these cold, dark months.

On these pages, you will meet:

  • An Orcish father, defending his family from corrupt authorities

  • A monster hunter facing down a demon lord plaguing the northlands

  • An astronaut, abandoned on a frozen Earth

  • A warrior committed to vengeance, even beyond the grave

  • And more...


Winter only triumphs if light is extinguished.

Chronicles of Nethra


The Chronicles of Nethra is a planned 6-book series that blends elements of the space opera, cyberpunk, and dark fantasy genres. The saga tells the story of Markus Frost, Skye Jensen, and their crew aboard the starship Vandal as they deal with vindictive crime syndicates, deadly assassins, and a metaphysical crisis that threatens all of Terran Space.


To run the Nethra is to run with death.

StarSpire Cover Ebook.jpg
Book One:
Star Spire


They hatched a plan to steal from the universe's deadliest assassins, but when the crew of the Vandal discover a fresh threat on board their very ship they realize they might just be in over their heads.


Fresh off a job in a neighboring system, Markus Frost and his crew are given less than a week to contrive a way to steal an illegal piece of technology– the Starfire Conduit–before it's sold to the Ghenza Collective. They're pulling out all the stops for this one, but when their pilot and resident hacker makes a gambit with some experimental technology that immediately backfires, the crew is forced to rethink everything if they are going to survive. With danger at every turn, and their very lives at stake, the crew is going to need to get creative if they hope to make it off the Star Spire alive.

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Shadows of Minos Cover Ebook.jpg
Book Two:
Shadows of Minos

Something evil lurks on Minos Station.

With the Starfire Conduit in hand, the crew of the Vandal finds that their job is only half-done. The Conduit already has a buyer: the mysterious Cali Vay-Lon, leader of the criminal syndicate known as the Marauders.  The crew is tasked with delivering their stolen tech to the Marauders’ base of operations–a remote outpost at the far end of the Helion System called Minos Station.

But the Marauders aren’t the only danger waiting for them at the farthest reaches of Terran space. Minos Station is the home of the Ren’Dahl Coven, the reclusive group of Sahaia to whom Eli owes his life and allegiance. What starts out as a requisite check-in with his estranged coven quickly becomes a reunion shrouded in secrecy and deadly purpose. Eli now finds himself in a position where he must choose between his obligations to his people and his commitment to his crew.

Meanwhile, the Ghenza continue to hunt for the Starfire Conduit and the runners who stole it out from underneath them. If the Vandal doesn’t stay one step ahead of them, the crew will find themselves fighting for their lives at the edge of the assassins’ blades.

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Darkest Hearts Cover Ebook.jpg
Book Three:
Darkest Hearts

Darkness has a heart, and it beats for House Valadar.

After months of deliberation, Ora Monroe has decided to cash in on the bounty given to her by Cali Vay-Lon. Per Cali’s request, she enlists the services of the Vandal, minus its former captain, Markus Frost. Before giving Shift over, however, she has one question for him: “What is Cognis?”

Little does she know that the Cognis drive-chip will soon be the least of her concerns. Cyrus Valadar, Don of the Great House of the Freyvian System has gained possession of an ancient artifact reputed to be the very heart of the Nethra’s darkest god. At first, Ora wants nothing to do with this mysterious power. Then, as the Heart of Thule’s capabilities begin to take shape, Ora is faced with a choice: intervene take the Heart for herself, or risk whatever dark intentions Cyrus has for the future of Terran space.

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Stardust Grave Cover Ebook.jpg
Book Four:
Stardust Grave

The Stardust Grave draws near.


After a failed attempt to seize a powerful artifact, Markus Frost is forced to regroup. In the process, he finds himself face-to-face with people he’d been working diligently to avoid: his former crew. As much as he may loath it, circumstances soon make it apparent that he will need to work with his estranged associates to pry the artifact, the Heart of Thule, free from House Valadar.


As Cyrus’s grip tightens around the artifact, the Don of House Valadar seizes control of a power he’d never fathomed: power over life and death itself. To guard this power, he’s moved the Heart of Thule to his stronghold in the north, a compound thought to be both unreachable and impenetrable.


Even so, Markus and his companions must, once again, attempt the impossible. For if Cyrus is not stopped, the Stardust Grave will pour forth its dark bounty across the world and unleash the very power of death across all Terran space.

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Risen Gods Cover Ebook.jpg
Book Five:
Risen Gods

The crew of the Vandal faces a crisis on their return to Minos Station, and that is only the beginning.


Dark forces have arrayed themselves against the crew as Cali Vay-Lon and her Marauders assume control over the Heart of Thule—a powerful psionic artifact said to contain the very essence of a god.


But, as the crew will soon discover, the artifact isn't the only divine instrument at play here. Ancient gods battle with new and terrifying technologies in a bid for control over reality itself. If something isn't done, these powerful forces will work to enact their dark interpretations of cosmic prophecy and bring the existing power structure to its knees.


A journey that began with a simple heist has transformed into a battle for all Terran space. Regardless of who survives, the universe will never be the same again.


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Reckoning Cover Ebook.jpg
Book Six:

Is it the end, or a new beginning?


No more hiding in the shadows. Arc has stepped into the light and assumed total control over Minos Station. His first act as the station’s new ruler: crush anyone and everyone who dares stand in his way. His first victim: the Dorian fleet sent by the High Council to save Terran space.


Yet, in the darkest hour for the Helion System, not all hope is lost. In the wake of the deep-space massacre, Daniel Ratemacher has managed to reach the survivors, bringing with him information that may be the key to turning the tied against their powerful foe.


Gods, however, do not sit idly by. The destruction of the fleet was but the first step in Arc’s masterwork. Now, he turns his focus in-system and his conquest of the Terran colonies. With the gate network down, no help is coming. A reckoning is coming, and malevolent AI has found humanity wanting.


The board is set, and Arc has made his move. Is there anything our heroes can do to counter or has the game already been lost?


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