The Nethrian Universe is home to many types of creatures. Foremost among these are the sapient races. In order for a race to be considered sapient they must:

  • Possess, in general, the basic qualities of sentience (the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively)

  • The ability to exercise wisdom, judgement or agency as a function of complex thought and decision making

  • Sufficient physiological similarity to other sapient races as to produce viable offspring (not that such mixing is condoned - much less encouraged).

  • Canonization and official recognition of the first three qualities by both Tempolose Nethera and the Dorian High Council


At most recent count, eight races have been deemed by the appropriate governing authorities as having met the qualities for sapience. It is generally understood that more races may exist throughout the unexplored cosmos that might meet the qualifications for sapience or have the potential to reach sapience on their current evolutionary path.

The sapient races: