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Darkest Hearts Cover Reveal

Hey everyone—it’s been a minute. Like many people in recent months, I’ve been going through some unique challenges that have kept me from staying in touch the way I would like to. That said, I don’t think that story is why you opened this email. So, let’s get right to it.

Chronicles of Nethra Book Three: Darkest Hearts Launches Tuesday, 7-20-2021

This one has been sitting on my desk (hard drive?) for a bit as I’ve worked to get everything exactly right. That process is over, and I’m almost done with my nit-picking. It’s time book three to make its way into the world. Here is the synopsis and the long over-due cover reveal:

Darkness has a heart, and it beats for House Valadar.

After months of deliberation, Ora Monroe has decided to cash in on the bounty given to her by Cali Vay-Lon. Per Cali’s request, she enlists the services of the Vandal, minus its former captain, Markus Frost. Before giving Shift over, however, she has one question for him: “What is Cognis?”

Little does she know that the Cognis drive-chip will soon be the least of her concerns. Cyrus Valadar, Don of the Great House of the Freyvian System has gained possession of an ancient artifact reputed to be the very heart of the Nethra’s darkest god. At first, Ora wants nothing to do with this mysterious power. Then, as the Heart of Thule’s capabilities begin to take shape, Ora is faced with a choice: intervene take the Heart for herself, or risk whatever dark intentions Cyrus has for the future of Terran space.

Keep an eye out for Chronicles of Nethra Book Three, available online Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

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