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Beyond Light

Updated: Jan 16

Another Friday has come way too fast. It’s funny how time seems to sit still and race by at the same time these days. Well, here’s the scoop:

Writing Update: Files for Star Spire have been compiled and are just waiting to be uploaded. With this being my first shot at this, I’m taking my time to make sure everything is done correctly. I expect the pre-order to be up within the next two weeks.

As far as my NaNoWriMo progress goes, I’m a little over 25k at this point. That puts me about 5 days behind, but I’m not stressed yet. I have some time off next week, so I’m hoping to plow through the book while I’m chilling up north with my family.

So what’s distracting me? Two things. The first will be taken care of next week. I have a manuscript article pending for a peer-reviewed journal related to my day-job, and the revisions for that are due Saturday. The bulk of those were knocked out yesterday, so that’s off my plate. The other obstacle, well, that’s another story.

Beyond Light. I’ve been a huge Destiny fan since the first one launched forever ago. The latest expansion, Beyond Light, dropped a couple of weeks ago. TLDR: it’s crazy fun, and I’m probably playing too much. What started out as a way to pass a couple of minutes when the words ran dry has ended up being a nightly time-suck. This weekend, though, I’ve resolved to put the controller down and put my hands back on the keyboard.

Song of the Week: “Spiders” by System of a Down

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