Own a Piece of the Nethra

Introducing the Nethraverse NFT collection: digital assets that give you early/exclusive access to every Nethra project and gives you the chance to decide the fate of the Nethraverse. Keep reading to learn how to access your first Nethraverse NFT and claim your seat in the Dorian House of Voices.

And now, it's time to introduce the first Nethraverse NFT collection...


The warriors of the Kintari Empire consist of some of the deadliest combatants in inhabited space. From the decorated soldiers of the Empress's Deathwatch Guard, to the ruthless assassins of the Ghenza collective, the Kintar strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Each one of these warriors has their own unique story, but it's up to you to decide their future.

What are the "Warriors of Kintar" non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

The Warriors of Kintar is a collection of 251 unique characters from the Chronicles of Nethra book universe. Similar to other profile picture (PFP) projects, each NFT gives you a unique piece of art along with a character biography telling you the warrior's history and their place within the Nethraverse.

Why should I own a Warrior of Kintar?

The Warriors of Kintar tokens are an investment in the Nethraverse. By purchasing or trading a token, you're helping us tell more stories within this universe. As a thank you, holders gain online access to:

  • The entire Chronicles of Nethra library published by Mythic North Press.

  • Exclusive early access to new publications in the series.

  • A vote in the House of Voices - a virtual community that will decide the direction of all future Nethra projects


Continue your Warrior's story

We want you to make the Nethraverse your own! Do you have an idea for how your token's story should continue? Write up your ideas and share them with us in the Discord community. Mythic North Press is actively looking for story submissions. Depending on the quality of your story and the response from the community, you just might find yourself with an offer for the rights to your work.

Sounds cool. How do I get my Warrior NFT?

Check us out on Discord and Opensea to get started collecting your Warrior of Kintar


About the Founder

E. R. Donaldson is a gamer, author, artist, and a life-long reader of science fiction and fantasy. Before stepping down to focus on being an entrepreneur, he worked as a pharmacist and hobbyist computer programmer working in the corporate world. He has worked in both for-profit and non-profit segments with titles ranging from "Coordinator" to "Executive Director." He writes under a pseudonym to not confuse his fiction work with his non-fiction and peer-reviewed publications. If you want to see his professional bona fides, check out his LinkedIn profile. He lives in Lansing, Michigan, with his wife and sons.